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The ultimate iPad case for work and leisure

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Oct 2021

Remember that moment when you first unboxed your iPad- the sleep ultra-lightweight, metal body and fresh glistening colour. You knew then that you would dread the day it gets its first scratch or dent.

Trust us, you are not alone. So, is it necessary to invest in a case that offers some protection? Is there such a case available? We at WrapCart, provide a case that taps the best potential of an iPad and even adds new functions to it.

Surprised? The WrapCart 360 degree flip case can work as a stand, protecting the front and the back of the iPad while also saving battery with the wake/sleep function! The WrapCart iPad case is the ideal companion for your iPad.

Features that set the 360 flip case apart

  • Exciting colours to choose from
  • Flexible landscape and portrait viewing with two angles for both near and distant viewing
  • Secure your iPad when not in use with secure elastic band
  • Auto sleep/ wake function



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