Peepal Farm is an animal rescue organization and an organic farm in Dhanotu Village, Himachal Pradesh, with one major objective of animals to be healed and heard. The quest to reach out to more people for spreading the message and getting them to join in the cause gave birth to Peepal Farm Products.

Starting with farm grown herbs, the products line kept growing gradually into a vast range of categories with a major aim in mind - to generate more employment for women. Your donations will go to one of their animal hospital project that they have recently undertaken to improve the condition of animals.


  • Lead by example
  • Involve & inspire
  • Storytelling & culture jamming
  • Community building

Major Initiatives:

• Agewell Helplines for Older Persons since 1999 – Helped over 7.5 million older persons so far

• Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre for Needs & Rights of Older Persons – Conducted 44 National Surveys on issues concerning old people, also organized Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons over the years

• Distribution of Food Ration Packets to poor elderly living in slums – Over 80000 monthly food packets distributed among destitute old people since the year 2020

• Distribution of Nutri Kits, Wellness Kits and Gift Packs among destitute elderly – Over 24500 Kits/Packs distributed among the needy elderly since the year 2021

• Digital Literacy Program for Older Persons – Over 4,50,000 older persons benefitted so far and much more

Major Supporters over the years

Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, Mercer Consulting, ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation, Engineers India Ltd. GAIL India, India Trade Promotion Organization, Azim Premji Foundation, KPMG, Kantar, Oiles India, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, Squalor to Scholar, USA, Center for Curiosity, USA, etc. Agewell provides fund utilization details along with photos of beneficiaries to all donors, who have donated > Rs. 1000 and spends less than 5% of annual budget on administrative expenses. Audited financials are available on demand.

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