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How to protect your phone against its biggest enemies

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Oct 2021

You know the biggest enemies of your phone? It is the unholy trinity of dust, scratches, and stains. No one likes to look at a phone that looks like the cratered surface of the moon. And we all know that we don’t drop our phone- mobiles have a tendency to fall on their own!

But not if you have WrapCart phone skin to secure your phone. So don’t worry we have you covered. Literally. At Wrap Cart, we give your phone a shield to protect your device from the threat of dust, stains, and scratches. And at the same time we give you a better grip for holding on to your phone. And don’t worry, your phone will still fit snugly in your hands or your pocket.

Our phone skins are designed to give you full access to all buttons and ports without hindering any accessibility. At only 0.22mm thickness, our phone wraps are basically like a second skin that protects your phone and at the same time acts as a reflection of you.

LUXURY MATTE FINISH: With a range of quintessential designs and materials to choose from- we have you covered. So go ahead, dress up your phone with our Luxury Matte phone skins- available for both back and front screen. Matte is an excellent choice for a sleek look which accentuates your phone.


Our Matte phone skins are available in tantalising shades to soothe your palette- from the classic black and white to a pop of colour in the form of redyellowgreen and purple, idyllic mint blue- you have a vast range of phone skins to choose from.


Try it out today!


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