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How to apply mobile skins in three easy steps

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Oct 2021

Applying a mobile skin on your phone is a breeze with WrapCart. You don’t even need any extra equipment.

First, clean the surface with the cleansing Wet and Dry Wipes provided. Make sure to not leave behind any dust or dirt.

Second, peel the skin from the wrapping paper and expose the adhesive side. 

Third, line up the wrap along your device and carefully apply it to your phone. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top or vice versa. As you apply the wrap, put firm pressure from the outer edges to the centre to prevent entry of air bubbles.

If the mobile skin doesn’t align, don’t fret. Peel it off and start over. WrapCart’s premium 3M material leaves no residue and does not lose its adhesive properties.

Pro tip- Stretch the wrap around curved edges to get a better fit. Using a hair dryer or lighter to heat the warm the corners of the wrap help in getting an extra snug fit.

Easy to install and remove, we at WrapCart give you an affordable wardrobe for your phone. So go ahead, and dress up your phone!

Check out our installation tutorial videos on YouTube to see how easy it is to apply your phone wrap.

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