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Otsutsuki God vs Saitama Who Would Win?

by Sohira K 06 Dec 2023

Otsutsuki God vs Saitama Who Would Win?

Otsutsuki God vs SaitamaA new godly character has been introduced in the Boruto manga, known as the Otsutsuki god. As of now, the Otsutsuki god is the true villain and the most powerful character in the Narutoverse, much like the Grand Zeno in the Dragon Ball universe. With the introduction of this character, serious discussions have arisen about the potential fight between the Otsutsuki god vs Saitama.


This battle pits godly powers against a caped hero known for defeating any formidable enemy with just one punch and having super durability, strength, and speed. Now, a significant question in the anime community emerges: who would win in a battle between the Otsutsuki god and Saitama?


However, determining the victor in this battle is quite complex because, unlike Saitama, we have limited information on the Otsutsuki god's powers and abilities. To as certain of the outcome of this battle, we first need to thoroughly examine the complete powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki god. So first let’s get into the powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki God and later on the showdown of Otsutsuki God vs Saitama. 

Who is the Otsutsuki God?

Who is Otsutsuki God

Image Credit: Narutopedia 


The Boruto 75th Chapter revealed the identity of the Otsutsuki God—Shibai Otsutsuki, a member of the Otsutsuki clan. Through the consumption of chakra fruits sourced from diverse planets, the Otsutsuki God transcended mortal constraints, evolving into a divine entity free from physical limitations and existing in a higher dimensional realm. This transformative process gave the Otsutsuki God with Shinjutsu power. 

Otsutsuki God Powers and abilities

Within the same panel of Boruto chapter 75, Amado revealed some of the Otsutsuki God's extraordinary abilities, including the power to conjure storms capable of submerging entire nations and the Clairvoyance ability to witness past events while parallelly observing present happenings. 


So what would be the outcome of a fight between Otsutsuki God vs Saitama? Before we move on to the actual fight assumptions let's look into the Otsutsuki god's powers and abilities

Otsutsuki God Powers and Abilities

Otsutsuki God Powers in Eida and Daemon

Right now, the Boruto manga and anime haven’t fully shown what the Otsutsuki God can do. But from a part of the Boruto Manga, Amado talks a bit about where this powerful being comes from and what they might be capable of. 


There's also a peek at Eida's powers that hints at what the Otsutsuki God might have. So let's also consider the Eida powers and know the complete powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki god we can observe in the Boruto series


Omnipotence: This is a mega-powerful ability. It lets the Otsutsuki God make almost anything happen, like creating or destroying entire worlds, coming back to life, or even jumping into higher dimensions. It's like having the total power to change everything, just like how Eida could change Boruto and Kawaki's lives.


Kama: All Otsutsuki’s can use this ability. It’s a way for Otsutsuki's soul and DNA to move into someone else and act as their reincarnation vessel. If they die or get sacrificed for the God tree, they can come back to life in their prepared vessel.


Space-Time Control: Almost every Otsutsuki clan member can mess with space-time. This means they can move around different worlds super easily. Allowing them to travel between places almost instantaneously


Shinjutsu: This is a unique power of the Otsutsuki God. It allows the Otsutsuki god to control natural energy without any need for hand movements and helps control natural phenomena like storms and lightning. Plus, this ability gives Otsutsuki god access to Clairvoyance.


Clairvoyance: It's like having a special vision power. The Otsutsuki God can see things happening in other places or even other times, no matter how far away they are. This makes us able to look into the past at any time and any place, and at the same time the present situation at different places

Who is Saitama?

Who is Saitama

Image Credit: Sportskeeda


Saitama, also known as One Punch Man, differs from regular superheroes. He’s a guy who trained hard and became super strong defeating any bad guy with just one punch. He’s incredibly tough, super fast, and practically unbeatable. Also, Saitama is so strong that nothing challenges him anymore, and that makes him kinda bored. 


Even though he's crazy-powerful, he’s pretty chill and just wants a real fight to feel excited again. He’s a hero more for fun than for fame, always searching for a worthy opponent. But for now, he’s the superhero who solves everything with just one punch 

Saitama Powers and abiltiies

Saitama Powers and abiltiies


Strength beyond compare: Saitama’s strength is off the charts. He can take out monsters, villains, and anything that comes his way with, just one punch. His strength is so immense that it’s become a bit of a curse because no fight is a challenge for him anymore. 


Invincible Durability: Not only can Saitama give out crazy punches, but he can also take a hit like nothing happened. Nothing seems to scratch him, which makes sense given his over-the-top strength 


Lightning-fast speed: Saitama is not just strong; he’s crazy fast. Blink, and you’ll miss him in action. His speed is near to the god level, making him lightning-quick in battles. 


Superhuman Endurance: Fighting doesn't tire Saitama at all. Saitama's endurance seems boundless: he can go on and on without breaking a sweat.


Unrivaled combat skills: Despite his “ one punch “ reputation, saitama’s combat skills are top-notch. He mastered various martial arts techniques, although, with his overwhelming strength, he rarely needed to use them in a fight. 

Fight: Otsutsuki God vs Saitama who would win

Otsutsuki God vs Saitama

Otsutsuki God wins the fight in the Otsutsuki God vs Saitma showdown. Saitama, widely known as the One Punch man, undeniably has an incredible power– strength beyond measure, unmatched speed, and invincible durability. Yet, his abilities pale in comparison to the Otsutsuki God Omnipotence. 


The Otsutsuki God wields an arsenal of unparalleled abilities, each more formidable than the last. Omnipotence grants the Otsutsuki God the ability to reshape reality at will, an incredibly power-packed Saitama incredible punch will not do much harm to the Otsutsuki God. 


Also, even the Saitama’s unparalleled strength falls short against the Otsutsuki God Shinjutsu, which manipulates natural energy and grants Otsutsuki God clairvoyance to foresee and deflect any kind of attack. 


Furthermore, the Otsutsuki God's abilities extend to the creation of a God Tree without relying on an external energy source. Using this ability Otsutsuki God can absorb the life force of several entire planets, a feat far beyond Saitama’s capabilities. 


While Saitama’s strength is remarkable, the Otsutsuki God’s vast and incredible abilities give him superiority in the battle, inevitably leading to the Otsutsuki God emerging victorious due to their incomparable powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki God in the fight of Otsutsuki God vs Saitama. 

Will the Otsutsuki God vs Saitama Fight happen?

Otsutsuki God vs Saitama

Image Credit: CBR 

No, the chances of an Otsutsuki God vs Saitama fight are very slim. The Otsutsuki God, existing in the Naruto universe, remains with little to no direct portrayal or confinement existence. Meanwhile, Saitama from One Punch Man operates in a separate universe altogether. Anime crossovers including battles between characters from distinct universes are extremely rare. 


Furthermore, the absence of substantial information about the Otsutsuki God's abilities and the nature of their existence makes it even more improbable to happen. Most anime crossovers typically have subtle references or nods rather than full-blown combat scenarios in anime collaborations. 


In short, while the topic of Otsutsuki God vs Saitama might spark excitement among fans, the narrative barriers between the  One Punch Man and Boruto universes make an actual showdown between the Otsutsuki God vs Saitama highly unlikely. 

How will the Otsutsuki God vs Saitama fight affect the anime worlds?

Otsutsuki God vs Saitama

Image Credit: One Punch Man Wiki

If the big fight between Otsutsuki God vs Saitama happens in the anime realm, it would be a huge fan moment, also this fight could change anime a lot in different ways: 


Fan Fervor: The only concept of these two titans facing off would create an unbelievable buzz within the anime community. Fan debates, theories, and discussions would skyrocket, generating immense excitement and anticipation in the anime community. 


Cross-world collaboration: An Otsutsuki God vs Saitama battle of this magnitude would mark a groundbreaking collaboration between 2 major anime universes Boruto and One Punch Man. It could lay the way for more extensive crossovers, potentially expanding storytelling boundaries.


Storyline Impact: Depending on the outcome, it could significantly impact the narrative arcs of both series. The consequences of such an epic confrontation could bring shock waves throughout their respective anime worlds, altering power dynamics and character developments


Fandom Unity: While debates on the victor would persist, this clash could unify diverse fandoms, bring together anime enthusiasts from both series, and foster a sense of unity among anime enthusiasts.


However, it’s crucial to note that such a fight remains highly improbable due to the narrative complexities, differing universes, and the traditional collaboration of anime to engage in direct crossover battles. Nonetheless, the more curiosity this Otsutsuki God vs Saitama sparks immense curiosity and potential for creative exploration within the anime multiverse. 


In the ultimate clash between titans, Otsutsuki God emerges and wins in the showdown against Saitama, the One Punch Man. Saitama's incredible power and unmatched abilities are amazing —strength beyond measure, unmatched speed, and invincible durability. However, these pale in comparison to the sheer omnipotence of the Otsutsuki God.


With the ability to reshape reality at will, manipulate nature energy through Shinjutsu, and foresee and deflect attacks effortlessly, the Otsutsuki God's arsenal outbeats Saitama's unparalleled strength. 


Moreover, the creation of a God Tree, capable of absorbing entire planets' life force, lies beyond Saitama's capabilities. While Saitama's strength and durability are remarkable, the Otsutsuki God's vast and incredible abilities make him victorious in the Otsutsuki God vs Saitama battle. 



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