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Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode Who Would Win?

by Sohira K 28 Dec 2023

Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon ModeOtsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode is one of the most famous debates in recent anime communities. Since the introduction of the Otsutsuki god in the 75th chapter of the Boruto manga, numerous debates have arisen among fans pitting various anime characters against the Otsutsuki god. Similarly, fans are eager to know if Naruto's Baryon Mode could stand against the Otsutsuki God.

The Baryon Mode stands as Naruto's strongest form yet achieved. However, the unfortunate death of Kurama might left no possibility of witnessing its true potential in action again. Nonetheless, what if Naruto could once again access the Baryon Mode? Could it defeat the Otsutsuki god in combat?

Let's know the answer by analyzing the powers of both characters and their impacts on the anime world. Moreover, is there a possibility of witnessing an Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode showdown in an upcoming Boruto manga chapter? Let's get into those possibilities too, so let's get right into it.

Who is the Otsutsuki God?

Who is Otsutsuki God

Image Credit: Narutopedia 

The Otsutsuki God is a new powerful character introduced in the 75th chapter of the Boruto manga. We don't know much about the Otsutsuki God yet, as only a few pages in Boruto manga chapter 75 reveal details about his origin and abilities, explained by the Amado.

According to Chapter 75, the Otsutsuki God's real name is Shibai Otsutsuki, and he is a member of the Otsutsuki clan. After eating several chakra fruits from different planets, he finally attained godly hood, not needing a physical body and reaching a higher-dimensional state. This transformation gave him access to the Shinjutsu power.

Otsutsuki God powers and abilities

In the same chapter, Amado mentioned some of the Otsutsuki God's powers, like creating storms that can cover entire nations and seeing past events while viewing present scenarios everywhere. 

In a more recent chapter, we get to see Eida using some of the godly powers of the Otsutsuki God. Based on them, we can understand the complete powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki God. So, let's analyze them and get to know who wins in the battle of Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon mode

Otsutsuki god powers and abilities

Otsutsuki God Powers in Eida and Daemon

Omnipotence: Using this ability the Otsutsuki God can make anything he wants happen, like creating or destroying worlds, coming back to life, or evolving to a higher dimension. It's similar to how Eida changed Boruto and Kawaki's lives completely.

Kama: This is a technique that lets all Otsutsuki transfer their soul and DNA to another person. When they die or are sacrificed to the God Tree for chakra fruit, they can come back in a new body using their vessel as a reincarnation. 

Space-Time Manipulation: Otsutsuki clan members can easily travel between dimensions, moving from one world to another. Almost, all the Otsutsutki clan members can use the Space Time Manipulation and travel between the worlds. 

Shinjutsu: This is a special technique of the Otsutsuki God that can control the complete natural energy or phenomena like storms and thunderbolts without needing any hand signs.

Clairvoyance: This power allows the Otsutsuki God to see things happening in faraway places or other dimensions, maybe even into the past or future. It helps in avoiding different kinds of attacks. 

God Tree Creation: All Otsutsuki can create a god tree by absorbing a planet's energy and sacrificing one of the Otsutsuki clan members. However, the Otsutsuki God can create a God Tree on its own, absorbing a planet's life energy and turning it into a chakra fruit. 

Who is Naruto?

Who is Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki, part of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan, was sealed with the Nine-Tais ( Kurama ) from birth, enduring insulation in his childhood. Upon joining Team Kakashi, Naruto pursued acknowledgment and dreamt of becoming the Hokage. His dedication led to recognition as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf village and also brought recognition not only to villagers but also throughout the shinobi world. 

Through several setbacks, Naruto evolved into a powerful ninja, also pivotal in winning the fourth shinobi war, and ultimately achieving his dream of becoming the seventh hokage of the hidden leaf village. 

In recent times to defeat the Ishikki Otsuutski, Naruto attains Baryon Mode, a transformation merging his chakra with Kurama’s enhancing abilities to an unparalleled level. This fusion results in a form where Naruto harnesses immense power at the cost of Kurama's life. Through Kurama's sacrifice, Naruto reaches the Baryon mode state, to defeat Ishikki Otstsuki by any means. 

Naruto Baryon Mode Powers and abiltiies

Naruto Baryon Mode Powers and abiltiies

Sage Mode Mastery: Naruto taps into Sage mode, harnessing natural energy to enhance his strength, speed, and sensory abilities. This mode grants him heightened perception and near-limitless chakra. 

Shadow Clone jutsu: A signature move of Naruto, He creates clones that aren’t just illusions but possess strength and independent learning capabilities. This technique aids him in multitasking and overwhelming opponents. 

Chakra Manipulation: Naruto demonstrates remarkable control over his chakra, molding it into various forms for offensive attacks, defensive shields, and healing abilities. 

Talk No jutsu: While not a conventional power, Naruto possesses an incredible gift for understanding and connecting with others. His empathy and persuasive abilities often lead to an understanding of the enemy and converting foes into allies. 

Fight: Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode who would win

Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode

The Otsutsuki God takes an overwhelming victory against Naruto Baryon Mode by a significant margin due to the fundamental objective and power of the Naruto Baryon Mode: reducing the opponent's (Ishikki Otsutsuki's) lifespan by utilizing the life force of Kurama. However, regrettably, Kurama is no longer alive in the Boruto series, making it impossible for Naruto to access Baryon Mode without Kurama's life force.

Even if Naruto managed to access Baryon Mode, the Otsutsuki God's immortality makes Naruto's Baryon Mode ineffective. Mainly, because the Otsutsuki God possesses godly abilities such as omnipotence, capable of altering reality, wielding immense power to annihilate universes, and controlling natural energy effortlessly.

Even excluding godly powers like omnipotence, the Otsutsuki God still emerges victorious in the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode battle because Kurama's plan was specifically integrated into this Baryon mode based on Ishikki's limited lifespan to defeat him. But Otsutsuki's god is immortal and he doesn't have a short life span, unlike Ishikki Otsutsuki. In summary, the Otsutsuki God easily wins in the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode.

Will the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode Fight happen?

Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode

Image Credit: Ranker

No, the speculation surrounding a showdown between the Otsutsuki God and Naruto Baryon will probably never happen. With the unfortunate loss of Kurama, Naruto's baryon mode, fueled by Kurama’s chakra, becomes an impossibility. 

Kurama’s presence was important in enabling Naruto to access the Baryon mode, a powerful yet life-consuming form. However, with Kurama’s passing, the primary source of the powerful Naruto baryon mode ceases to exist. Naruto’s abilities, particularly those associated with Kurama’s chakra, are greatly diminished or lost entirely. 

The other reason why the Otsutsuki god versus Naruto Baryon mode will never happen is because the Boruto series mainly focuses on the next generation of Naruto. That's why we could see the loss of Rinnegan and the death of Kurama in the Boruto series. 

So, it is highly improbable to expect a power-up for Naruto because it boosts Naruto's power and popularity rather than that of Boruto and others. Therefore, any speculation regarding an Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode clash becomes even more impossible following the significant development in the Boruto series.

How will the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode fight change the Narutoverse?

Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode

Image Credit: Narutopedia 


The potential clash between the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode would undoubtedly shake the very foundation of the Narutoverse. If such a confrontation were to occur, it could bring significant changes: 

Power Shift: This battle Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode would redefine power scales. Naruto’s Baryon mode is an incredibly high-level technique that consumes both Naruto's chakra and Kurama's life force to enhance Naruto's abilities. Confronting the Otsutsuki God would showcase a level of power never seen before, potentially setting new benchmarks for strength in the Narutoverse. 

World Impact: The fallout from a battle of such magnitude would ripple across the Naruto world. The destruction caused by their clash could reshape landscapes, after nations, and affect the balance of power among shinobi villages. 

Character Evolution: Naruto, as one of the main protagonists, would experience immense growth through this fight. Facing a divine being would push him to the limits, possibly unlocking new abilities or deeper connections to the source of chakra. 

Story Arc Expansion: The narrative direction of the Narutoverse would take into uncharted territories. The existence of an Otsutsuki God and a battle involving Naruto Baryon Mode would open avenues for exploring deeper cosmic forces and potentially unraveling untold secrets about the originals of chakra and the Otsutsuki clan. 

Ultimately, a showdown between the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode would be a fan moment. But it also alters power dynamics, character trajectories, and the overall narrative landscape of the Narutoverse. 


In the fight between Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode, the Otsutsuki God wins the fight by a huge margin. Naruto's Baryon Mode is designed to decrease Ishikki Otsutsuki's lifespan using Kurama's life force. But with Kurama's death, Naruto's access to the Baryon Mode is nearly impossible. 

Even if Naruto achieved the Baryon mode in various means, the Otsutsuki God's immortality makes Naruto's Baryon mode useless. And Otsutsuki God is armed with omnipotence, reality-altering prowess, and the ability to effortlessly manipulate natural energy. So Otsutstuki god becomes victorious in the Otsutsuki God vs Naruto Baryon Mode. 

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