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Otsutsuki God vs Madara Who Would Win?

by Sohira K 06 Dec 2023

Otsutsuki God vs MadaraIn the vast world of the Naruto universe, the battle between the Otsutsuki god and Madara is a subject that ignites intense debates among fans. As we delve into the hypothetical showdown between these formidable characters, the question on everyone's mind echoes: Otsutsuki God vs Madara, who would emerge victorious?

The Otsutsuki god, a godly force still in mystery, possesses unimaginable power drawn from godly origins. On the flip side, Madara, a legendary Uchiha, possesses unparalleled strength, tactical genius, and the ability to reshape reality. This clash goes beyond the boundaries of mere fantasy, sparking serious discussions within the Naruto community.

Join us as we analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and potential strategies of these iconic figures. We will get into the power scaling, to analyze the outcome of this epic battle of Otsutsuki God vs Madara. So let’s get into it and know who is victorious in the fight of Otsutsuki God vs Madara. 

Who is the Otsutsuki God?

Who is Otsutsuki God

In a recent Boruto manga chapter, a new powerful character called the Otsutsuki God was introduced. We don't know much about this character yet, but we learned a few things from the Amado in the manga.

The Otsutsuki God, whose real name is Shibai Otsutsuki, belongs to the same Otsutsuki clan as Kaguya Otsutsuki. However, because of consuming various chakra fruits from different planets, Shibai Otsutsuki has attained godhood and can exist in a higher dimension without needing a physical body.

Otsutsuki God Powers and abilities

Shibai Otsutsuki has godly abilities like creating huge storms that can cover entire nations and can view things happening in different places or times at once. He can also control Nature's energy without using hand signs, manipulate space and time to travel between dimensions and create the God Tree without any reliance on other Otsutsutki.

Some of these powers have been mentioned in the Boruto manga chapter 75, but we haven't seen them in action in the Boruto anime or manga yet. So to analyse the fight with the Otsutsuki God vs Madara let's get into the abilities of the Otsutsuki God. 

Otsutsuki God Powers and Abilities

Otsutsuki God Powers in Eida and Daemon

Omnipotence: This power goes beyond just creating or destroying things. The Otsutsuki God can pretty much do whatever they want. It's like having the ability to rewrite reality, similar to how Eida can change Boruto and Kawaki's lives entirely.

Kama: This ability grants all the Otsutstuki clan members to transfer Otsutsuki's soul and DNA. When they die or get sacrificed to a god tree, they can come back by being born again in another person. It's similar to reincarnating themselves but they choose their vessels.

Space-Time Mastery: Most of the Otsutsuki clan members can move between different places and dimensions. This makes them able to travel between dimensions without much effort

Shinjutsu: It is believed by Amado that Ninjutsu originated from Shinjutsu, which is considered one of the most powerful abilities. Ninjutsu is believed to be merely a fragment of the power of Shinjutsu. The Otsutsuki god can summon and control storms and natural forces without needing hand movements using Shinjutsu. 

Clairvoyance: It is a type of Shinjutsu, that empowers the Otsutsuki god to witness events occurring in distant places or alternate dimensions, eliminating distance barriers. This ability may extend to glimpses into the past or future. Moreover, harnessing this power enables the Otsutsuki god to deflect various forms of attacks and know what happened everything in the past and present.

Who is Madara Uchiha?Who is Madara Uchiha

Image Credit: Narutopedia


Madara is a legendary shinobi a Uchiha clan leader and Hidden Leaf Village co-founder, bearing the nickname the Ghost of the Uchiha. Madara had insane ninjutsu skills and a genius mind, he sparked wars to have a Uchihia-dominated shinobi world. 

To create a world ruled by the Uchiha, Madara and his brother fought the Senju clan. But later, madara, the Uchiha clan leader, and Hashirama, the Senju leader, came on good terms. However, later on, Madara became the first rogue ninja of the hidden leaf. He planned to bring peace to the Shinobi World using the infinite Tsukuyomi. 

Madara initially gained the sage of six paths power by combining Senju cells with his Uchiha clan cells, unlocking the Rinnegan ability. Later, he achieved the complete sage of six Paths power by absorbing the nine-taled beasts in Naruto after Obito's defeat. 

Madara Uchiha Powers and abiltiies

Madara Uchiha Powers and abiltiies

Image Credit: Narutopedia


Sharingan Mastery: Madara’s Sharingan abilities are off the charts. He not only mastered its basic forms but took it to a whole level with the Rinnegan, enabling him to predict movements, cast illusions, and perfect chakra control

Godlike strength and Speed: Madara was no ordinary shinobi in combat. Madara’s strength and speed were on par with god and divine level, making him a force to be feared in close combat even with an army of shinobis. 

Senjutus Proficiency: Madara wielded Senjutsu like a true sage, tapping into natural energy to amplify his already monstrous abilities, enhancing his strength, speed, and durability to near-godly levels. 

Limbo  Hengoku: Madara’s ace card in his arsenal is his ability to create invisible shadow clones, called Limbo Hengoku, allowing him to attack opponents from another plane that they couldn't perceive or defend against. 

Complete Susuanoo Mastery: Madara could summon a massive, ethereal warrior who was virtually indestructible, wielding unreal power and versatility at his fingertips. Susanoo wielded immense power and adaptability, becoming nearly invincible in any battle. 


Fight: Otsutsuki God vs Madara Uchiha who would win

Otsutsuki God vs Madara

In the battle between the Otsutsuki God and Madara, the victory would be in favor of the Otsutsuki God. Despite Madara possessing a wide array of abilities and powers such as Shinjutsu, Rinnegan, Tailed Beast powers, and more, the Otsutsuki God surpasses all with their godly capabilities. For instance, Omnipotence alters reality itself.

Madara, for all his might, falls short due to the substantial power gap with the Otsutsuki God. The Otsutsuki God can harness planetary energies effortlessly, easily manipulate natural forces without hand movements, and summon devastating storms capable of obliterating entire planets effortlessly. 

However, the victory of the battle isn’t yet decided because although the Otsutsuki God dominates in powers and abilities against Madara, Madara's strategic planning and plotting could play a significant role. We've witnessed his strategic brilliance in the Naruto series, and the same can be anticipated in the clash between Otsutsuki God and Madara. 

His ability to find the weaknesses of the opponent and gather allies to his cause is evident from past events of the Naruto series and showcases his tactical powers. So in a confrontation purely based on powers and abilities, the Otsutsuki God easily outmatches Madara, even with his Sage of Six Paths and Tailed Beast powers. However, given enough time, Madara's strategic planning could enable him to plan events and plot strategically to potentially defeat the Otsutsuki God.

Will the Otsutsuki God vs Madara Uchiha Fight happen?Otsutsuki God vs Madara

No, the speculation surrounding a showdown between the Otsutsuki God and Madara is highly unlikely because Madara has already rested after the Fourth Great Ninja War, and it is highly improbable for Masashi Kishimoto to reintroduce the Madara character into the Boruto series.

One of the many reasons we cannot expect Madara's return is his status as one of the most powerful characters in the Narutoverse. After the power drops of Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto series, Madara would remain the strongest, on par with the level of Ishikki Otsutsuki. Moreover, the Boruto series aims to focus more on the new generation rather than the old-generation characters.

Additionally, there isn’t much narrative context supporting Madara's return. If his return were to happen, it would significantly alter the narrative perspective of Boruto, leading to endless character developments in the manga. Therefore, a fight between an Otsutsuki God and Madara is highly improbable.

How will the Otsutsuki God vs Madara fight change the Boruto Narrative?

Otsutsuki God vs Madara fight

Madara rested forever in peace after the Fourth Great Ninja War. and it is nearly impossible for us to see him return in the Boruto series. But hold on! Some fans came up with a manga theory that brings Madara back, packing the complete Sage of Six Paths powers, with a little help from Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Picture Madara returning, as strong as he was in the 4th great ninja war. That would be a dream come true for Naruto fans.

Now, if this wild scenario actually happens, it could flip Boruto's story completely. Madara, with all his Sage of Six Paths power, changes the power balance we know in the Boruto series. His face-off with an Otsutsuki God would be a showstopper, giving fans a wild ride.

But it's not just about punches and kicks. Madara's comeback brings back old grudges and challenges characters to face their past. This clash isn't just about fighting; it digs into big themes like power, dreams, and destiny, shaking up Boruto's story.

This battle could mess with the ninja world, changing friendships, beliefs, and the whole ninja way of life. As Boruto deals with this chaos, the aftermath of this epic fight might turn the series into something unexpected, full of suspense and excitement.  However, likely, we might not see Madara's return, but considering Kishimoto's plans for the story, nothing is certain. We'll have to wait and see


In the Otsutsuki God vs Madara battle, the supremacy in the battle leans towards the Otsutsuki God. Despite Madara's arsenal of abilities—Shinjutsu, Rinnegan, and Tailed Beast powers—the abilities of the Otsutsuki God remains supreme. 

Otsutsuki God's godly capabilities, including omnipotence, reality manipulation, and Clairvoyance, create an immeasurable power gap between Madara and Otsutsuki God. While the Otsutsuki God dominates in sheer power, Madara's strategic genius could change the fight outcome. Madara’s knack for identifying weaknesses and forming allies, which we have already seen in the Naruto series, could alter the fight outcome. 

So in short, In a face-off between Madara and the Otsutsuki God solely based on abilities, the Otsutsuki God wins the battle. However, given enough time, Madara might come up with tactical planning and devise a path to victory based on the Otsutsuki God's weakness and careful ally forming in the fight with the Otsutsuki God. 









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