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Anime Blogs : Otsutsuki God vs Zeno Who Would Win?

by ADITYA GUPTA 04 Dec 2023

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno Who Would Win?

Otsutsuki God vs ZenoThe debate between Otsutsuki God vs Zeno has long been a heated topic in the Anime community. Imagining two supreme beings, each wielding unimaginable powers, gearing up for a showdown sparks intense interest in anime fans.

The mysterious abilities of the Otsutsuki God keep us guessing his full potential. and Grand Zeno from Dragon Ball? Now, that's a powerhouse! Capable of Obliterating multiple universes with a mere wave of a hand. So what if 2 epic forces are ready to duke it out? As always, both Boruto and Dragon Ball Fans everywhere are debating: who'd come out on top in this epic showdown?

However, it is tricky to compare their powers and abilities due to the limited information available on the Otsutsuki God. But, the subtle hints in the Bortuo manga, let's unravel these powers. So get ready for a wild ride as we dive into this hypothetical match-up, fueled by fan theories, intense debates, and a whole lot of imagination.

Who is the Otsutsuki God?

Otsutsuki God

Image Credit: Narutopedia

The Otsutsuki God is a newly introduced godly character in the 75th chapter of the Boruto manga. There wasn't much revealed about the Otsutsuki God; only a few pages in Boruto chapter 75 where Amado revealed the Otsutsuki God's origin and powers.

As per the 75th Chapter, the Otsutsuki God's real name is Shibai Otsutsuki, a member of the Otsutsuki clan. After consuming multiple chakra fruits from different planets, the Otsutsuki God ascended to godhood, transcending the need for a physical body and attaining a higher dimensional state. This transformation granted him the Shinjutsu power, fragments of which are akin to Ninjutsu.

Otsutsuki God powers and abilities

In that same panel, Amado discussed some powers of the Otsutsuki God, such as the ability to create storms capable of submerging entire nations and the ability to observe the past while simultaneously witnessing present events everywhere, among others and a few more. Let's explore the revealed powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki god to assess them as a potential winner in the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight.

Otsutsuki God Powers and abilities

Otsutsuki God Powers in Eida and DaemonImage Credit: Narutopedia

As of now, the Otsutsuki God powers have not been showcased in the Boruto manga or anime. But in a panel of Boruto Manga, we got to see Amado mentioning the origin and abilities of the Otsutsuki god and also we get to see some powers from Eida in the recent Boruto manga. So according to them let's analyse the complete Otsutsuki God's Powers and abilities

Omnipotence: It is the ability to make anything the Otsutsuki god desires a reality, such as creating or destroying worlds, resurrecting himself, or even evolving himself to a higher dimension. In other words, Omnipotence gives the Otsutsuki god the complete ability to rewrite anything just like Eida rewrote the entire life of Boruto and Kawaki switching their places with one another.

Kama: This a sealing technique that allows all the Otsutsuki to transfer their soul and DNA to a compatible host, and when they potentially die or are sacrificed for the god tree they will be reincarnating themself and reborn in the vessel.

Space-Time Manipulation: Almost, all the members of the Otsutsuki clan can manipulate space-time, allowing them to travel between dimensions. This makes the Otsutsuki clan members travel between different worlds effortlessly.

Shinjutsu: This is a specialty of the Otsutsuki god technique that does not require any hand seals and can manipulate natural phenomena such as storms and thunderbolts. This shinjutsu also allows the Otsutsuki god to use the Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance: This is a form of Shinjutsu that grants the Otsutsuki god the ability to see events that are happening in other locations or dimensions, regardless of the distance between them. This could also potentially include seeing into the future or past. Also, using this ability Otsutsuki god will be able to deflect all kinds of attacks.

God Tree Creation: All the Otsutsuki can create a god tree. But Otsutsuki needs to rely on the planet's energy and also sacrifice one of the Otsutsuki's. However, the Otsutsuki god can create the God Tree without relying on anything. This God Tree can absorb the life energy of a planet and its inhabitants and transfer those powers to a chakra fruit.

Who is Grand Zeno?

Grand Zeno

Image Credit: Dragon Ball Wiki 

Grand Zeno, known as the Omni-King in Dragon Ball, stands as the mightiest being in the universe. Despite his small, childlike appearance, his power surpasses his imagination. He holds the incredible ability to erase entire universes effortlessly with just a snap of his fingers.

Occasionally, he hosts colossal tournaments where fights from different universes clash. But his power isn't just permitted to a single universe; he rules over 18 universes, making him the supreme ruler across a vast multiverse.

Grand Zeno Powers and Abilities

Grand Zeno destroying universes

Image Credit: Sportskeeda 

Unlike the Otsutsuki god, we mostly have complete information about the Grand Zeno from the Dragonball universe and the things he did using his powers and abilities.

Ki Manipulation: Grand Zeno can use his Ki defensively and offensively, to strengthen his skin or to fire Ki blasts, which can destroy the targets, and form defensive barriers

Unparalleled Power: Grand Zeno has unlimited and unparalleled power, making any kind of combat knowledge irrelevant. He can annihilate anything he wishes in a blink of an eye regardless of size or complexity.

Erasing the Existence: Grand Zeno can erase anything from existence, including the entire universe and timelines. This allows Grand Zeno to completely obliterate anything he deems unworthy or problematic.

Omnipresence: Grand Zeno is the ruler of all realities and dimensions, Grand Zeno can be everywhere at once. This means he can observe and interact with multiple universes simultaneously

Reality Wrapping: Grand Zeno conveniently manipulates reality to his will. This includes altering the laws of physics, creating new dimensions, and even entirely rewriting history.

Non-Physical Interaction: Grand Zeno is capable of erasing everything, including harming souls, spirits, ghosts, etc., without any physical interaction with them.

Showdown: Otsutsuki God vs Zeno who would win

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

Grand Zeno will win the Otsutsuki god vs Zeno fight solely due to the sheer dominant power Zeno Possesses. While both the Otsutsuki God and Zeno exhibit quite similar powers and abilities, the actual display of the Otsutsuki God's powers remains unseen within the Naruto Universe.

Conversely, the Dragon Ball universe portrays the immense destructive force of Grand Zeno, capable of erasing the entire universe during the Tournament of Power. Grand Zeno's raw power is overwhelmingly immense. Despite the Otsutsuki God's abilities in reality-wrapping and omnipotence, Grand Zeno can effortlessly erase the entire universe with a mere snap.

As of now, the boruto manga has not introduced the concept of a multiverse, confining the powers and abilities of the Otsutsuki God to a single universe. In contrast, the Dragon Ball universe operates within a multiverse, with the Omni King ruling over 18 universes, establishing him as the king of the multiverse. So, there exists a considerable power gap between the Otsutsuki God and Grand Zeno

However, our understanding of the Otsutsuki God's capabilities primarily comes from the 75th Chapter of the Boruto Manga, largely from a single panel. If the Otsutsuki God's full power were to be unveiled, the tables might turn, potentially leading to the Otsutsuki god winning the fight. Nonetheless, based on the current knowledge of the Otsutsuki God's powers and abilities, Grand Zeno wins in the hypothetical matchup between the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight.

Will the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno Fight happen?

Anime cross overs

Image Credit: CBR

No, a fight between Otsutsuki god vs Zeno would never happen, and there are multiple reasons for this. One reason is that we have never seen the Otsutsuki god in action; all the information we have so far is based on speculations and observations of other Otsutsuki like Eida.

We don't even know if the Otsutsuki god still exists, and even if we could see the Otsutsuki god in action, we are highly uncertain there would be a crossover between the Boruto and Dragonball universes. Most of the time, the anime crossovers happen in adventures or daily events; an official fight crossover in animes has rarely happened.

More often, there are only references between animes. For example, the popular one-piece manga referenced Naruto when Naruto manga was about to end, and more recently, MHA( My Hero Academia) has subtly referenced Chainsawman in their manga. So it is highly unlikely that there would be a crossover fight between the Otsutsuki god vs Zeno.

How will the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight affect the anime worlds?

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

If a godly character as powerful as the Otsutsuki God and Zeno fight were to happen, it would be a big deal. Both the characters are super strong and can do anything they want with their powers in their universes. 

Their fight might wreck entire universes, it could be so intense that it might not just affect their universe but also lead to the merging of the Naruto and Dragon Ball universes. This merging could open up endless new story possibilities and opportunities for every character's development. 

On the flip side, their clash could be so destructive that it might not just damage this universe it could obliterate them, leaving nothing behind. It’s a bit like a gaming-changing event that could either create infinite potential for new stories or bring about the destruction of both universes. 


In the battle between Otsutsuki God vs Zeno, most probably the win would be Grand Zeno. We've seen Grand Zeno's immense power in Dragon Ball, like erasing whole universes with ease. But the Otsutsuki God's abilities in Boruto are still a big secret, leaving us guessing.

Also, Grand Zeno rules over 18 universes, while the Boruto series hasn't introduced us to the multiverse. So, based on Grand Zeno's colossal power, we might guess that in the fight Otsutsuki God vs Zeno the win would likely be Grand Zeno.

Still, we've only caught a glimpse of what the Otsutsuki God might be capable of. If the boruto series reveals more about Otsutsuki God's powers, things could change. For now, based on what we know, Grand Zeno seems like the likely winner in this epic clash of Otsutsuki God vs Zeno.  

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