• Why your bluetooth earbuds deserve a WrapCart Skin

    Why your bluetooth earbuds deserve a WrapCart Skin

    Truly wireless headphones are redefining the audio market worldwide. From Apple AirPods to Mi AirDots and Samsung Galaxy buds, there are plenty of players in the market. We all love our audio devices but aren’t we all scared of tossing them in our bag or holding them with sweaty palms? I have gotten many a scratches from putting my charging case and keys in...
  • WrapCart - Innovation & Style

    WrapCart - Innovation & Style

    The world around us is beautiful isn’t it? The gamut of colors, the endless rainbow of possibilities? Then, why be predictable? Why let your phone look plain and drab? Why not try something snazzy instead of boring? Give a toss to the predictable, let your true self shine! Your possessions are meant to be a reflection of you! You with all your quirks and...
  • Phone Skin vs Phone Case

    Phone Skin vs Phone Case

    One sticks to your phone, the other is a casing around your phone- which is better?  Choosing a smartphone is not as hard as choosing how to protect it! There is no denying it- our phones are technological beauties but they are fragile. All of us want to protect our phone without destroying the look and feel of the phone. There are a wide...
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