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10 Tips To Boost The Battery Life Of Your Android Mobile Phone - Part 1

by ADITYA GUPTA 10 Apr 2022

As our mobile devices are coming up with fast processors, better cameras, thinner bodies, brighter screens etc. mobile manufacturers are also incorporating more powerful batteries into their models. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro has 5000 mAH battery and it can last upto 24 hours. The Samsung models have battery life ranging from 12 hours to 24 hours. 

However, there are some tips that can boost the battery life of your android mobile device. 

Turning on power saving mode, using phone at low brightness, turning off active listening, using dark mode etc are few hacks that you can use to optimize the battery of your android mobile device. 

This article is about how to boost the battery life of your Android mobile phone and I am sharing 10 tips to boost the battery of your device. 

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Let’s Jump in!

1. Enable Power Saving Mode 

Power saving mode helps in saving battery of your android mobile device. 

Think of a scenario when you are outside and do not have access to a charger or power bank to charge a mobile battery.

In these scenarios power saving mode becomes handy. You can turn it on by going into device settings and then go to Battery and Device Care. 

In Battery and Device Care, find Battery and click on it. 

After this, you will see an option of Power Saving Mode or Power Mode at the bottom of the mobile screen Turn it on. You can also access this setting by opening the pull down shade and then searching for Power Saving Mode.


If you scroll down, you will see more options like - 

Turn off always on Display (turns off display after some time say 1 minute)

Limit CPU speed by 70% (limit the speed of your processor)

Limit app and home screen (limit the number of apps that you see on home screen) and decrease brightness by 10%. 

These options are helpful in balancing battery life with the performance of your device. 

These options can be turned on and off depending upon your requirement. I recommend that you should turn on these options as it will further increase battery time. 

Depending upon the android mobile device you use, these options may vary.

2. Make Airplane Mode Your Friend

Receiving and sending wireless signals can also reduce the battery life of your android mobile phone. So, when you don’t need network data, turn on the Airplane Mode

This mode will disable network settings, wifi, bluetooth and mobile data. In this way, your device is not connected to the internet and will consume less battery. 

One tip that experts recommend is turning on airplane mode when you are charging your device. This helps in completing the charging cycles of the battery. They also recommend not playing videos or games on your mobile device while charging as it may disturb the charging cycles of the battery. 

You may have noticed that your phone turns hot when you play games on it while charging. This is basically due to the disturbance in charging cycles of the battery. 

The airplane mode can easily be turned on by scrolling down the shade and the tapping on the airplane icon. 

3. Dim The Brightness of Your Screen 

Nowadays android mobile phones come with wide screens and have auto brightness features. High brightness of your mobile phone screen is an enemy of the battery. 

To save the battery, first you should disable the auto brightness feature. This feature adjusts the screen brightness according to the environment. If you take out your phone in brighter light, it automatically turns up the brightness of the screen and vice versa. 

To disable this feature go to the brightness settings, and turn off auto brightness. Your mobile phone battery will thank you. 

Another thing you can do is adjust the brightness of the screen from the drop down screen. Always keep it at an appropriate level as both low level and high level of brightness will put stress on your eyes.


4. Deactivate Auto Wake Up Features

In android devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 series the auto wakeup feature is activated by default. You either have to double touch the phone or lift it to turn on the screen. 

This unnecessary turning on of the screen will put stress on the battery. The good news is you can disable this feature. 

To disable the auto wake up feature by these gestures, go to settings. Then touch on Advanced Features, now tap on Motion and Gestures. 

You will see two settings - Lift To Wake Up and Double Tap To Wake up. I recommend you turn off lift to wake up settings as it will turn off unnecessary turning on of screen. 

5. Disable Active Listening 

There are various apps that are constantly running in the background. Your phone is constantly listening to you when you ask for a voice assistant. Whether it's a google assistant or Samsung Bixby, you can turn it off. 

In most android phones, the voice assistant feature is embedded into their operating system. Hold the home screen button and call up the voice assistant feature. Then tap on the inbox icon. 

You can also open voice assistant settings and open Hey Google & Voice Match and then disable this setting. 

If you want to disable Samsung Bixby, then read this article. It will be helpful in boosting battery performance. 

To Know more Go To Part 2 

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