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10 Tips To Boost The Battery Life Of Your Android Mobile Phone - Part 2

by ADITYA GUPTA 10 Apr 2022

6. Turn on Dark Mode

According to websites like iFixit, the dark mode can save a significant amount of battery. 

Engineers at google had experimented with dark mode and found 63 percent drop in screen power usage when using google maps in dark mode. 

In the real world you can say that you will get an hour of extra battery if you use dark mode. 

The reason for this is simple. 

In dark mode, your phone has turned off the pixels that are displaying white light and turn them into black. 

However, if you are using an older mobile phone with LCD screens then you will not benefit from this mode. Only the android phones with OLED or AMOLED display have shown battery saving feature in dark mode. 

The dark mode feature comes in Android version 10 or above. So, if you are using an older version, it's better to update your mobile phone. 

To turn on the dark mode, follow these steps - 

  • Open the drop down shade of your android device. 
  • Now touch on Dark Mode (Night Mode) and you will notice that your phone turns black. 
  • Another way you can use is go to the Settings, Display settings and then turn on Dark Mode. 

There are various other benefits of turning on dark mode like your eyes will feel less fatigued. 

If you are not comfortable using an android mobile phone in dark mode then you can manually disable the screen pixels using third party apps. 

One such app is Pixoff. They can deactivate half of the pixels of the screen and you don’t even notice the drop in quality. 

7. Turn off Your Location Services 

This is the most important step that you can take to increase the life of your battery. Whether you are using an android mobile phone or an iPhone, turning off location services makes a difference in battery life. 

Unless you are using google maps or updating your location on snapchat, instagram selfie, you can turn off your location. 

To turn off location, go to settings > security and location and then touch on location. Toggle to turn it off. 

8. Control Background Usage of Apps 

Your android mobile phone battery is also drained by third apps and in this section we deal with them. 


Limit Background Battery Usage 

Most apps are using your battery even if you are not using them. That’s when features like restricting battery usage in the background come handy. 

You can limit the amount of battery used by an app in the background. 

To do this, go to settings. 

And then go to App & Notification. In app and notification you find the app that you want to limit the background battery usage. 

Touch on that app and then go to Advanced. In Advanced go to battery and then touch on battery. In battery search for Background Restrictions and turn it on. 

If you are using older android devices that do not have this feature then you can use third party apps like Greenify. This app automatically limits the background battery usage by third party apps. However, we recommend using the phone’s internal feature as these third party apps are not as effective. 


Limit Data Usage 

Another step that you can take is to limit the background data usage by a particular app. This can be done by following the same steps. 

For convenience I will elaborate them once more - 

Settings > App & Notification > search for app and touch on it > Advanced > Battery > Data Usage. 


Uninstall Apps 

Android phones have many apps and most of these apps are not even opened by a normal user. These unused apps still put a major load on your battery. 

It's better to uninstall these apps and free storage. 


9. Control Processing Speed of Your Smartphone 

To control processing speed of your device you can do following things - 

Turn off Enhanced Processing 

Modern smartphones are just like a supercomputer in your hand running at full speed. Their processors are more advanced. 

For simple activities like surfing over the internet or checking instagram you don’t need your android device processor running at full speed wasting your battery life. 

Thanks to features like Enhanced Processing you can lower the speed of your processor and increase the lifespan of your phone’s battery. 

To access this feature follow these steps - 

  • Go to your device settings. 
  • Touch on Battery
  • In Battery, go to More Battery Settings
  • In More Battery settings, turn off the Enhanced Processing feature. 

By default this feature is turned off but it's worth checking. 


Lower The Refresh Rate 

Another feature that can be used to enhance battery life is lower down the refresh rate of your mobile screen. 

Turning this feature up will make animations of the screen look bright and smoother but it's not necessary as it sucks up more battery. 

To lower down the refresh rate of your mobile screen follow these steps - 

  • Go to device settings. 
  • In setting to to display settings and find Motion smoothness. 
  • You will notice that this option is set to high (120 Hz or higher) by default. 
  • Set Motion smoothness to standard 60 Hz and your battery will thank you for this.

10. Automate this Whole Process  

If these steps are too hard to remember then you can automate this whole battery optimization process by using features like Adaptive Power Saving. 

This function will set up the power mode automatically based on your device usage pattern. Especially at night when your device knows that you are not using its full power it automatically switches to Medium Power Saving. 

Tu turn on Adaptive Power Saving follow these steps - 

  • Go to your home screen and pull down the notification panel twice. Then press and hold on Power Mode. 
  • This will open the Power Mode Setting screen and in that you can turn on Adaptive Power Saving. 

Since you have read so far, here is our bonus tip - 

Use a Good Power Bank 

Sometimes it is hard to limit your device functionality by using Power mode or limit app usage. In this case, you can carry a portable power bank that will work your device. 

Most of the power banks these days can charge your mobile device upto 3 to 4 times depending upon their mAH output. 

It is also recommended to monitor the battery health regularly as old batteries can bloat easily which can damage your device display. 


The battery life of smartphones is a major concern among smartphone users. As the battery life decreases, you will be forced to think about other ways to keep your phone alive. The above tips can help you prolong the battery life of your phone. 

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