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Mobile skins with sides and without sides- what is the difference?

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Oct 2021

We know the world of mobile phone skins and accessories can be confusing. Which is why we understand your needs, create solutions for them and provide you with the best products! When it comes to level of phone screen protection, most phone cases are designed to withstand minor trauma to your screen. On the other hand, some phone cases are designed to protect the screen of your phone even on extremely major impacts. 

By the level of protection, all cases can be divided into two groups: with full or partial protection.

360 degree protection- These skins cover the entire surface of the phone and fully protect it from moisture or any mechanical damages. These mobile skins cover the four sides and edges of your phone and provide a protective cushion from any impact trauma. The protective lip of the case crosses the edge of the phone.

Full screen protection- Do you want to protect your screen from low impact damage like scratches, smudges, and fingerprints? You can opt for a skin without sides and then top it up with a phone cover to complete the look.

WrapCart provides exlusive skin plus case combos and more! Choose from a variety of styles to jazz up your mobile phone!

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