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Looking for extra tough screen protection? WrapCart provides mobile skins plus cover combo

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Oct 2021

Are you scared of damaging your phone or is it just me? Recently, I realised how my habit of dumping my phone in my bag and then dumping my books on top of it had made my phone get unsightly scratches.

Modern tech is evolving but sadly the tech is no longer Nokia phones that resist any and all damage!

The bottom line is, all of us end up mishandling our phones every now and then. We all know about the not so gentle falls and the sliding across tables that our phones are made to suffer.

In order to protect my phone, I decided to try a novel approach- WrapCart’s mobile skin plus cover combo to provide double the strength to my phone. I am glad to say, my device is now protected from not only dangers caused by my mishandling but also from dust, smudges, water and more!

The mobile phone cover is made of premium garde transparent silicone and the strength is supplemented by a mobile skin carefully crafted so as to not spoil the edges. The double layered protection does not add any added bulk or weight to your phone and does not damage access to any ports. The shockproof Mobile Skin Plus Cover combo also makes your phone resistant to falls, drops, and wear and tear.

The best part is, WrapCart has an exhaustive range of designs to choose from and the option to customise and create your own design!

Try out a WrapCart Mobile Skin Plus Cover combo and make your phone indestructible!

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