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Working from home? Check out these accessories that will make it a breeze!

by ADITYA GUPTA 20 Sep 2021


From functional to stylish, here is a list of must have WrapCart tech accessories. 


  • Laptop skins- An interesting, quirky laptop skin will definitely boost your productivity and make you happy! You can even customize your laptop skins with WrapCart. 
  • Mouse pads- Bye bye hand cramps! Keep everything streamlined and protect your wrists with quirky WrapCart Mouse Pads.
  • Mobile skins- Your mobile lets you run your office from home. Give it a luxury upgrade with WrapCart Mobile Skins.
  • Laptop sleeve- Working from home or from office, minimize the amount of dust or debris that your laptop comes in contact with, and also keeps it safe against minor knocks and bumps with WrapCart’s Laptop Sleeves! 
  • iPad sleeve- WrapCart iPad sleeves help you carry your iPad with ease and without fear of scratches and falls. So, no more worrying about how to keep your laptop safe.  
  • iPad skin- Protect your luxurious iPad from dust and scratches with our high-quality premium skins. Give your iPad a new look with customized WrapCart iPad skins!
  • Pendrive- Revamp your humble pen drive with customized WrapCart credit card style pen drives to store your data!
  • Apple pencil skins- Give your Apple pencil a better grip and added protection with WrapCart Apple pencil skins.

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