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Will using a mobile skin damage my phone?

by ADITYA GUPTA 29 Sep 2021

No, phone skins don’t damage your phone! On the contrary, phone skins protect your phones from scratches, smudges and dirt! At WrapCart, our mobile skins and wraps are crafted from premium quality 3M & vinyl, which guarantees a perfect fit and zero damage. All our phone skins are easily removable and use carefully curated adhesives that ensure no residue is left when the wrap is removed. The vinyl we use have been extensively tested for any damage. Over our years of experience, we have found the most durable quality material to protect your device. Our Vinyl phone skins are extremely durable, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty in removing them when you wish to get a new look. If you find it hard to peel the wrap, simply apply some heat with a hairdryer before you start peeling the vinyl to soften the adhesive. So, switch up your style with WrapCart mobile skins and wraps!

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