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Why your bluetooth earbuds deserve a WrapCart Skin

by Aditya Gupta 01 Mar 2021

Truly wireless headphones are redefining the audio market worldwide. From Apple AirPods to Mi AirDots and Samsung Galaxy buds, there are plenty of players in the market. We all love our audio devices but aren’t we all scared of tossing them in our bag or holding them with sweaty palms? I have gotten many a scratches from putting my charging case and keys in my bag together. But that is where WrapCart came to the rescue.

At WrapCart, we have unique skins and wraps for your audio accessories to unlock their true potential and that too at affordable prices!

WrapCart Audio Device Skin Advantages

  • Our Audio Device Skins are different- they not only cover your device’s case but you cover your earbuds too! A typical skin covers only the stem but leaves the ‘pod’ uncovered. 
  • Our skins are designed to avoid any ear irritation and provide you with a comfortable experience.
  • With an improved grip and textured 3D feel, our skins are a class apart from the rest.
  • All our skins are designed to be thin and provide an extra layer of protection without adding any excess weight. So, do you want to make your device resistant to scrapes, scratches, bumps, and falls?
  • Our skins are specifically designed to not cover any sensors while allowing your pods to fit snugly in their case. Many other wraps cause your device to frequently connect and disconnect. We at WrapCart ensure that there is no compromise with your device’s performance.

Audio Device Skins

While your earphones provide a seamless truly wireless experience, we at WrapCart can help you jazz up your earbuds and their case to make them truly you! Unlike others, we offer premium high quality skins and wraps for all major brands and at lowest prices.

Device Skins available for

  • AirPods skins
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds skins
  • Realme Buds Air skins
  • Mi Air Dots skins

Endless designs, infinite customisations! Try WrapCart now for mobile skins, audio device skins, card skins, game console skins and more!

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