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Phone Skin vs Phone Case

by Aditya Gupta 01 Mar 2021

One sticks to your phone, the other is a casing around your phone- which is better? 

Choosing a smartphone is not as hard as choosing how to protect it! There is no denying it- our phones are technological beauties but they are fragile. All of us want to protect our phone without destroying the look and feel of the phone. There are a wide variety of options in the market, with two main categories for phone protective covers- phone skins and phone cases. 

We help you understand how phone skins are better suited to protect your phone. At WrapCart all our phone skins are made with premium high quality vinyl that is both durable and flexible.

Advantages of a phone skin over a phone case

There are numerous benefits of using a phone skin over a phone case. Let’s find out! 

Phone Skins don’t let your phone Overheat!
If you have ever used a phone with a phone case while charging, you must have felt that the device feels warm. Phone cases cover the vents that normally allow your phone to cool down. Phone skins on the other hand don’t cover any vents or ports. At WrapCart phone skins are made with great precision so as to allow full accessibility. 

Don’t let your phone gets dirty and worn out
Let’s face it- more than protecting your phone, a phone case ends up causing more friction burns on your phone. And removing a phone case is a task in itself, and may end up damaging your phone. When the phone case is taken off, your phone looks shabby and old. With a phone skin, you can easily apply as well as remove the skin without any residue. At WrapCart, all our skins are crafted with bubble free technology and can be removed without leaving any grime! So keep your phone looking fresh as new with WrapCart phone skins!

Superior and shockproof protection
A phone case doesn’t afford as much protection as a phone skin. Most cases leave the edges exposed or the panelling exposed. This makes your phone vulnerable to damage. A case also doesn’t protect your screen.
A phone skin covers your phone entirely and gives you shockproof protection. At WrapCart our phone skins have raised edges to protect your screen even when placed screen down! Our phone skins are smudge proof and fingerprint proof too!

Water proof
Sweat and rain can cause considerable damage to your phone. A phone case will just end up letting the water through and damage your phone over time.
At WrapCart our phone skins are waterproof to make sure your device says dry and dashing!

Phone skins don’t make your phone bulky
A phone case is an extra shell on your phone. It invariably increases the weight of your phone and makes it bulkier. Thus it gets difficult to put it in your pocket or even hold it in your hand. A phone skin seamlessly covers your phone without adding any unnecessary bulk and clunk. At WrapCart our phone skins are like a new skin for your phone. At 0.22mm thick, you won’t feel any added weight!

Maintain shape and design of device
A phone case distorts your device’s shape and changes its feel. Some phone cases even interfere with the devices charging ports.
A phone skin doesn’t alter the shape or feel of your phone. A phone skin applied to your phone fits snugly and keeps all your ports and vents accessible!

Comfortable usage
A phone case makes it harder to operate your phone. After all, who wants to hold a rough, heavy bulk while typing?
At WrapCart, your comfort is our primary concern. All our skins are extremely comfortable and enhance your user experience.
Ready to give your phone a new look and added protection? Try WrapCart phone skins! 

From gloss to matte to leather to denim to stone, marble, wooden, camouflage and more- anything you think of, we deliver. Our exhaustive range of mobile skins are curated exclusively for you. We have an entire range of phone skins and cases in every design and style that you can think of. And if you want to create your own design- go ahead! We have phone skins that you can customize just for yourself.

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