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How to protect your phone- Mobile Skin or Mobile Case?

by ADITYA GUPTA 17 Sep 2021

One sticks to your phone, the other is a casing around your phone- which is better?

 We all know that feeling of dread you get when you accidentally drop your phone. In this day and age, mobile phones have become an extension of us. All of us want to protect our phone without destroying the look and feel of the phone.

 The two main choices available for phone protection are- phone skins and phone cases. We help you decode what is the difference between the two and what suits your phone better.


 Advantages of a phone skin over a phone case:

There are numerous benefits of using a phone skin over a phone case. Let’s find out!


  1. Phone Skins don’t let your phone Overheat!

If you have ever used a phone with a phone case while charging, you must have felt that the device feels warm.


Phone skins don’t cover any vents or ports and make using your phone while charging a breeze. At WrapCart all our phone skins are made with premium high quality vinyl and is durable.


  1. Protects your phone  from getting dirty and worn out

While removing or applying your phone case, you may accidentally cause scratches on the edges.


With a phone skin, you can easily apply as well as remove the skin without any residue. At WrapCart, all our skins are crafted with bubble free technology and can be removed without leaving any grime!


  1. Doesn’t make your phone bulky

A phone case invariably increases the weight of your phone and makes it bulkier. Thus it gets difficult to put it in your pocket or even hold it in your hand.


 A phone skin seamlessly covers your phone without adding any unnecessary bulk. At 0.22mm thick, you won’t feel any added weight!


  1. Variety of textures 

With a phone skin, you can choose from a range of patterns and textures. From luxury matte or gloss to premium and exclusive textures like denim and marble, WrapCart has it all!


Ready to give your phone a new look and added protection? Try WrapCart phone skins!

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