Colorful and unique- let your phone change its color with your mood!


Protection and practicalities aside, what your phone wears has become a statement of your own creative individuality.

Do you like to look at soothing and calming hues? If you are looking for a sober, statement upgrade for your phone, try out WrapCart’s luxe matte skin wraps! Available in an array of colors to choose from, matte is an excellent choice to revamp your phone while keeping the look muted yet classy.

At only 0.22mm  thickness, our phone wraps are basically like a second skin that protects your phone and at the same time acts as a reflection of you. Matte Skin has a little rough texture to carry and looks unique. Just think about a color and you get its matte skin from WrapCart.

So, the first step is to visit WrapCart; Go to Mobile Skin category and select Matte Skins. Choose a color and then select your Phone brand from the drop-down list. Matte skins are available for iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, Poco and many more mobile phone brands available in India.

At Wrap Cart, our phone skins protect your device from the threat of dust, stains, and scratches. And at the same time, we give you a better grip for holding on to your phone.


Try it out today!



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