Oneplus Buds Graffiti

Oneplus Buds Graffiti

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The oneplus buds are one of the most convenient pieces of technology and elegance. The oneplus buds provide a seamless, truly wireless earphone experience. Now, let us revolutionise your buds with WrapCart’s buds Wraps! Durability and versatility- that is our commitment at WrapCart. Earbuds as such are somewhat plain and easy to get dirt and scratches on. WrapCart is here to the rescue with our customised oneplus skins designed to make your earbuds look and feel yours while retaining their signature design we all love. Our oneplus buds Skins add a layer of functionality to your Earbuds by protecting them from dust, falls, scratches, and more. 


Our earbud Skins are different. We at WrapCart provide a smooth and even Earbud skin that provides a natural and comfortable fit without interfering with any of the sensors. Our skins are designed to avoid any ear irritation and provide you with a comfortable experience.  With an improved grip and textured 3D feel, our buds skins are a class apart from the  rest. With WrapCart Earbud skins, feel free to carry your oneplus buds in your pocket or in your bag guilt free!  Your earbuds let you stay in tune with the world around you while quickly shifting your focus  to your surroundings without taking them off. Once draped with the WrapCart oneplus buds Custom Skins, your surroundings will pay attention to you and your newly wrapped glorious Earbuds!

Our skins are specifically designed to not cover any sensors while allowing your  earbuds to fit snugly in their case. Many other wraps cause your Earbuds to frequently  connect and disconnect. We at WrapCart ensure that there is no compromise with your  Galaxy bud’s performance.  All our products are crafted carefully with unrivaled precision to unlock the real potential of  your Galaxy Buds. Each earbud skin is thoroughly assessed before it reaches you. At WrapCart, our precision is something we truly value.


Our oneplus buds skins are made with only premium and resistant high quality adhesive vinyl. Our material is designed to be fingerprint and  smudge proof. At only 0.22 mm thick, they do not add any unnecessary bulk to your  earbuds. Most of our WrapCart earbud skins are 3D textured, which means that they have 3D patterns and designs. This textured feel is aesthetic and sets us apart from the rest. We  at WrapCart strive to help you get the best in quality at the most economical prices. 

Our earbud skins are designed to have an easy bubble free application. The residue free removal leaves no gum or remnants in case you decide to remove your earbud wrap. WrapCart, a pioneer in mobile wraps in India provides 3M and high quality vinyl material phone skins with endless customisation and personalisation. We also provide debit and credit card skins, wearable gadget skins, and more. WrapCart prides itself for offering high end Samsung Galaxy Buds Skins at the cheapest price in the market. So come, give your earbuds a new look with WrapCart Buds oneplus buds skins!

Give your Galaxy buds the best- WrapCart Earbud skins!